The Curse of Ignorance
by Arthur Findlay

Vol 1: 0 947828 33 6
Vol 2: 0 947828 34 4

At a time when newspapers and periodicals were greatly reduced in size, because of the shortage of newsprint after the Second World War, and few were publishing reviews, "The Curse of Ignorance" received considerable prominence. The following are extracts from some of the many reviews it received.

"Mr. Arthur Findlay spared no trouble to make his history accurate. Into his narrative, ranging from primitive times to the end of the Second World War, he has packed a life-time of learning. To this wealth of knowledge he gave the title The Curse of Ignorance, because this was a history with a purpose a monumental work, a monument, in fact, to mankind's' folly - and mankind's hope." Daily Mail.

"Arthur Findlay's The Curse of Ignorance is monumental in that it ranks him as a first-class historian, to be compared with Gibbon and other great writers. In one respect it puts him ahead of them - his lucidity. He not only gives a more enlightened interpretation of the past, but deals excellently with modern events and trends. If you will get these two volumes and spend delightful hours absorbing them, you will have promoted yourself to the level of a well-informed person, and will consider them worth many times their price." - Educational Guide.

"Mr. Arthur Findlay, who ranks among the leading historians of our day, has now given us The Curse of Ignorance, a lucid history of mankind from primitive times to the end of the Second World War - a truly monumental task. Throughout this competent and very readable work he strives, in vividly written pages, to show how ignorance and selfishness have led to wars, resulting in untold misery. All will agree with him as to the need for increased knowledge and an advance in our ethical standards." - Staffordshire Advertiser.

"Mr. Findlay is a brilliantly clever man and a most able advocate... There is a tremendous amount of good, solid and dexterous historical analysis in his stupendous world history." - Essex Chronicle.

"The Curse of Ignorance is a very remarkable book. Mr. Arthur Findlay gave seven years, devoted labor, six hours a day, every day of the week, to writing this compendious history of mankind." - Liverpool Daily Post.

"Mr. Arthur Findlay has given us a compendious and most lucid work. Any writer who can credibly complete such a task has achieved no mean feat, and this Mr. Findlay has certainly performed. We cannot withhold a feeling of gratitude from a writer who has the monumental energy to give us 2,328 vivid pages marked by almost Gibbonian role but less verbosity. Here we have history of quality." - Wolverhampton Express and Star.

"The deep wide sweep of his human survey gives the book, which is profound and sincere, a strong general appeal, and enables the author to bring out, time and time again, this main theme that ignorance is the root of most evil and unhappiness, particularly so in the case of war." - Carlisle Journal.

"This is a history, a labour of love, written with a purpose. These two volumes may well find a place on the busy man's bookshelves, for they afford an opportunity for the easy study of the history of the world in the light of current events. they avoid religious prejudice which has so often represented the Christian era in a too favorable light" - Stock Exchange Gazette.

"These two stupendous volumes bridge the whole history of mankind on this earth. The contribution of the Hebrew, Greek, Roman and Christian civilizations' is most carefully assessed. To say that The Curse of Ignorance will stimulate thought and provoke discussion is a gross understatement." - Head Teachers' Review.


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